Several years ago I watched Matt Cutts’ TedTalk Try something new for 30 days and found this project strategy an excellent learning tool. I’ve done several projects with photography and found them challenging and invigorating. In these notes I’ll document a 28 day study of human perception.

My Goal
Research a topic (via articles, TedTalks, podcasts, or even previous work) each day covering perception and make observations and notes on my findings. Topics will cover all types of perception including those beyond the five basic senses, such as proprioception.

Secondary Goal
Compile notes and observations about how the day’s study might relate to Web development usability.

About me
I’m a Tech Consultant concentrating in Web content development and usability. I have a deep interest in psychology and how it can be applied to Web development usability. I have a B.A., and M.A., in Literature, and a background in writing about Web technology.

Other Project Blogs

Photography: 30 Bugs in 30 Days
April 3 to May 6, 2012
My first blog project was an intensive macro photography project. My goal was simple: photograph and identify 30 distinct insects (on my farm) in 30 days. I’m not a entomologist or biologist – but I have a great interest in nature and enjoyed photographing and identifying the insects.

Photography: June Bugs
June 1 to June 31, 2013
I enjoyed my 2012 photography project so much I repeated it the next summer during a different month.

Historical Journal: Ruth’s Travel Diary
May 10 to May 25, 2015
This project documents a diary I found when I was young. The diary chronicles the travels of a 12 year old girl to northern Michigan and Chicago, and to Asheville North Carolina in 1911 and 1912.